Current Apparatus

BLS 4351 is a 2003 Horton 523 on a Ford E450 Super Duty chassis. 4351 was the work-horse of the fleet up until the 2009 ambulances arrived, when it was the sole first due ambulance out of Station 2. BLS 4351 is the twin rig of 4353 and currently shares a duty rotation with 4355 in Andover. *This ambulance was taken out of service in early 2017 and will return to service on a Ford F-Series 4×4 chassis.*

BLS 4352 is a 2009 Horton 553 on a Ford E450 Super Duty chassis.  4352 is the twin rig of 4355 and is assigned to Station 1 in Byram where she shares a duty rotation with 4353. (Pictured below in the foreground on Interstate 80E.)

BLS 4353 is a 2003 Horton 523 on a Ford E450 Super Duty chassis. 4353 runs out of LES Headquarters (Station 1) in Byram where she shares the the first-out rotation with 4352.  BLS 4353 is the twin of 4351. *This ambulance was taking out of service for remount on February 1, 2017 and will return to service on a Ford F-Series 4×4 chassis.*

BLS 4355 is a 2009 Horton 553 on a Ford E450 Super Duty chassis.  This unit is designated as a Rescue Ambulance and assigned to Station 2 in Andover.  She is the identical spec to 4352, but 4355 is the only ambulance in the fleet which carries Powerhawk extrication (JAWS) tools hence the 5-5 designation and not 5-4.  BLS 4351 and 4352 are both setup to carry the jaws should 4355 be out of service.

Heavy Rescue 4356 is a 2006 Chevrolet C5500 4×4 Crew Cab with a 12’ Anchor-Richey EVS rescue body. 4356 runs out of LES Headquarters and responds to motor vehicle accidents, fire calls, any rehab assignment, or other type of rescue call.  In addition to standard rescue equipment, the truck is equipped with a light tower and rehab supplies, carrying two 10′ x 10′ tents, two misting fans, a portable heater, ample amounts of drinking water, and non-perishable food.

FRU 4358 is a 2006 Dodge Durango First Response & Incident Command Unit.  4358 is housed at Station 2 when not on the road.

Sussex SAMT-1 is a 24′ enclosed trailer operated by Lakeland EMS in cooperation with the NJ EMS Task Force.  This asset is the assigned Staging Area Management Trailer for Sussex County, but also setup for larger-scale rehab operations or extended event operations as an ICP.


Retired Apparatus

During 2017, our 2003 ambulances underwent a remount and refurb process to their current state.  In the interim, 4351 and 4353 were in loaner ambulances from VCI Emergency Vehicles.  These twin 2006 Wheeled Coach loaners were the previous fleet from Philipstown Volunteer Ambulance Corp. from Putnam County, NY.  In October 2017, we took delivery of the second remount and our fleet returned back to exclusively white and green vehicles.

In 2014, our fleet was re-numbered to better align with a standardized system within and around Sussex County (43-230 became 4351, 43-232 became 4352, 43-235 became 4353, 43-234 became 4355, 43-231 became 4356, and 43-240 became 4358; 43-233 had previously been retired so it did not receive a new number, but would otherwise take the 4354 spot).

This fleet picture was taken in the late Fall of 2009 and is the last photo these trucks all had together.  In the following months, Ambulances 43-232 and 43-234 were replaced after 17 and 18 years of service, respectively.

Below is a picture of the fleet in 2006, prior to the arrival of the new rescue, new first response unit, and the 2009 ambulances. This is one of the last pictures these trucks all had together. Left to Right: 230, 234, 240, 231, 233, 235.  Missing from photo: 232 (out of service for maintenance at the time this picture was taken).

43-240 (shown in the middle above) was a 1994? Jeep Cherokee 4×4. This unit served as a first response and command unit prior to retirement in 2006 when the Durango arrived. The old 240 was part of the command post for the Able Energy disaster in Newton on March 14, 2003.

43-234 was a 1992 Horton on a Ford E350 chassis and was assigned to Goodale for most of the time it was in service.  It first served as the primary rig when 233 was second due prior to the arrival of the 2003 trucks, and was then the secondary rig beside 230. She was retired from service on March 10, 2010, having served the Squad faithfully for almost 18 years and over 104,000 miles on the road.

The old 43-232 was a 1993 Horton on a Ford E350 chassis. 232 served as the Byram first due ambulance for ten years when the old 230 was secondary at Cranberry. When the 2003 rigs went into service, it was then moved to second due out of Cranberry. This 232 served the Squad for 17 years until retirement on February 15, 2010.

43-233 was a 1986 Ford Type II ambulance. Early in its life it served the Squad as the transport rig; however, when routine transports trailed off, 233 served as a reliable second due truck out of Goodale for many years. With the arrival of the 2003 trucks, 233 was reassigned to replace the old 235 at the Lee Hill Building (St. 3) until it was later retired in 2008.

The old 43-231 was a 1979 Saulsbury and was one of the first Heavy Rescues in Sussex County. It served Lakeland for nearly thirty years before it was retired from service in 2007 upon the arrival of the current 231.

43-59 was a 30′ travel trailer operated from 2010 through 2016 as a cooperative project with Sussex County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management.  The trailer was setup as a large-scale rehab unit, mass casualty, and extended-incident command base for incidents within Sussex County.  It was retired in 2016 due to age and wear; the unit was built as a temporary housing shelter for Hurricane Katrina evacuees and served out its life much longer than originally intended.