Rescue Services Division

The Lakeland Emergency Squad’s Rescue Division provides vehicle extrication, fire scene support, search and rescue, and more.

The team operates a 2006 Chevrolet C5500 4×4 Crew Cab with a 12’ Anchor-Richey EVS rescue body. The truck is equipped with numerous hydraulic rescue tools (Jaws of Life), rope rescue, air bags, jacks, cribbing and stabilizers, numerous hand tools, chain saws, metal cutting saws, air tools, 12,000lb winch, 5,000lb portable winch, misting fans, space heater, refrigerator, portable lights, SCBAs, portable tents and chairs, chains and come-a-longs, and more.

This truck replaced our 1979 International / Saulsbury heavy rescue truck. After years of research and months of defining our specifications the Township of Byram agreed to purchase a new truck for the team.

Rescue members are trained in vehicle extrication and heavy rescue operations. These members are state trained and certified, including re-certification every three years at Bergen County EMS Training Academy’s Heavy Rescue Technician School. Additional training is done through in-house and out-of-town drills.

As per protocol, the team responds to all motor vehicle accidents, technical rescues, fires and assists to our EMTs when needed for lifting and assistance at medical calls.

The rescue team has responded to some notable calls in it’s 70 year history. We started out as an underwater recovery team. We’ve performed several dives over the decades. As services evolved we got into performing other types of rescue services, including vehicle rescue. In past years we have responded to cave rescues, mountain climbing accidents, trench rescues, mass evacuations and mass casualty incidents. Today, additional services are being researched and considered.

If you are interested in this type of volunteer work, please download our membership application. If you work within our response area and are able to leave for emergencies, we can use your assistance during the daytime as well. If you have any type of automotive background, such as body shop or auto repair, this would be right up your alley.