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Emergency Medical Services

For those interested in volunteering for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) on the Lakeland Emergency Squad, we are looking for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) and Drivers. In order to become a driver with the Lakeland Emergency Squad, new members will be given a CPR course and will be given a Certified Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO) course. Courses generally run throughout the year, and the new member must pass a written test and practical at the end of the EMT course. All courses are free of charge to the member.

The Lakeland Emergency Squad schedules duty crews Sunday through Friday from 6:00pm-5:00am; however, you may also join as a daytime member with no evening duty crew requirements. Squad members will be scheduled to cover a particular night or make up the same amount of time during the weekdays. Members do not need to stay at the buildings during assigned duty crew times and usually respond from their homes. Aside from duty crew commitments, members also attend one monthly business meeting held the first Tuesday of each month and one drill held the third Tuesday of each month. The Squad also participates in several local events to provide EMS support to the community.

The Lakeland Emergency Squad is always looking for new members and those who are interested are encouraged to download a membership form and send it in. Also if you have any questions feel free to stop by on the first (8PM) or third (7:30PM) Tuesday of each month at our Byram Building, 221 Route 206. You may also contact us with questions or to schedule a better time.

Rescue Services

In addition to Emergency Medical Services,  Lakeland Emergency Squad’s is equipped to  provide vehicle extrication, fire scene support, search and rescue, and more.

In addition to their Emergency Medical Technician and CPR certifications, members can elect to be trained in vehicle extrication and heavy rescue operations. These members may become state trained and certified, every three years at Bergen County EMS Training Academy’s Heavy Rescue Technician School.  Additional in-house and out-of-town drills provide monthly hands on training as well.

We are equipped with a 2006 Chevrolet C5500 4×4 Crew Cab with a 12’ Anchor-Richey EVS rescue body. The truck is equipped with numerous hydraulic rescue tools (Jaws of Life), rope rescue, air bags, jacks, cribbing and stabilizers, numerous hand tools, chain saws, metal cutting saws, air tools, 12,000lb winch, 5,000lb portable winch, misting fans, space heater, refrigerator, portable lights, SCBAs, portable tents and chairs, chains and come-a-longs, and more.

Lakeland Emergency Squad has responded to some notable calls in it’s 70 year history. We started out as an underwater recovery team. We’ve performed several dives over the decades. As services evolved we got into performing other types of rescue services, including vehicle rescue. In past years we have responded to cave rescues, mountain climbing accidents, trench rescues, mass evacuations and mass casualty incidents.

If you are interested in this type of volunteer work, please consider applying as a volunteer member!

Rehab Operations Unit

Lakeland Emergency Squad, in cooperation with the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management & the New Jersey EMS Task Force, operates a Special Operations Team dedicated to the rehab of Sussex County’s Firefighters, EMS, Police, and OEM personnel during strenuous incidents.

Lakeland EMS has been providing this service to our area emergency responders for several years, formerly in a 30’ travel trailer provided to the Squad by SCSO OEM’s fleet of FEMA trailers.  The initial trailer was retired in 2016 upon the Squad putting in to service a New Jersey EMS Task Force asset, Sussex SAMT-1, assigned to Lakeland by the NJEMSTF for the County.

Rehab is an imperative function for emergency workers  to receive while performing strenuous duties at the scenes of fires, accidents, searches, haz-mat, wildland rescues, extended police incidents and other large emergencies to maintain their good health in these conditions.  Heart attacks and other critical medical conditions contribute to a large percentage of line of duty deaths across the country due to the exertion placed on the body during these such incidents.

We are working closely with the Sussex County Fire Marshal and Fire Chiefs’ Association, and closely following guidelines already established by NFPA for rehab.  This unit is available to all of Sussex County’s emergency service agencies.  Our members have committed to operating and transporting this unit whenever and wherever the need arises.  We will work alongside the other EMS agencies in the County who will be providing medical personnel to operate the unit during an incident in their coverage area.

Lakeland EMS is always seeking donations for equipment and supplies to outfit the trailer from retailers and private donors within the County to help us purchase some advanced medical evaluation equipment.

Email us at rehab@lakelandems.org with any questions or comments you may have.

Our goal remains…early recognition and early intervention of critical medical conditions affecting our emergency responders.

Fire service motto…everyone goes home.

You Do NOT Need A PayPal Account To Donate

We are also accepting donations of disposable items including:

Bottled Water Cases

Gatorade Powder Mix

Sports Drinks

Canned Soups / Stew

Hot or Cold Cups

Plastic Utensils

Paper Plates or Bowls

Napkins or Paper Towels

Hot Chocolate, Instant Coffee, Tea Bags

Please email us at rehab@lakelandems.org to arrange for drop-off of these such donations.  Thank you in advance!!