2010 Call Archive

December 25, 2010 – Christmas evening broke a relatively quiet few days for Lakeland EMS as the crews were only running one call per day for the last three days.  After a Christmas morning medical call, the afternoon remained uneventful.  Shortly after the night crew began their tour, 43 Rescue was dispatched with 32 Fire for a chimney fire with flames showing.  Ambulance 234, Rescue 231 with a crew of 5, and 240 responded; units stood by on scene until 234 and 240 cleared for an unresponsive person in Byram.  After going available with a refusal, both units were returning to quarters as 231 was clearing the fire scene.  Sparta Dispatch sent 234 and 240 back into Byram for another unresponsive.  As the units were arriving on scene, Andover Dispatch requested a scramble crew for a medical call at AICC, and subsequently dispatched a second scramble crew minutes later for a second patient at the same location.  Ambulances 230 and 232 handled the medicals calls at AICC with Medic 53A & 53B.  All three ambulances went available from Newton Memorial Hospital.  Just after returning to quarters, Andover dispatched a possible CVA which 234 picked up as well as an assault victim as that unit was clearing the hospital.

November 13, 2010 – In the midst of a busy Saturday for Lakeland, 43 Rescue and 22 Fire were dispatched for a head-on MVC on Route 206 just South of the tunnel in Andover Borough.  Ambulance 234 had just returned to quarters and responded immediately.  Ambulance 230 was already en route to Newton Memorial Hospital from a previous call.  234 was the first arriving unit and found a two car accident with both drivers entrapped in their vehicles.  22 Fire requested 43 Fire’s Rescue 3 for the second pin.  Ambulance 230 subsequently responded from NMH; St. Clare’s MICU 54 was also en route.  230 transported one BLS patient by ground to Morristown Memorial Hospital; 43-234 and Medic 54 took their patient to meet NorthStar at the Lake Aeroflex LZ after an extended extrication.  Including this job, Lakeland had a total of 9 calls by 21:00 that evening, keeping 230, 234, and 235 busy most of the day.

October 3, 2010 – During the late afternoon hours just before the night crews began their tour, 43 Rescue and 43 Fire were dispatched to a working structure fire on Ghost Pony Road, Byram Township.  During response, the first due ambulance crew in 234 was re-assigned to a medical call and 240 continued in to the fire call.  Heavy smoke was showing from a two-story apartment building on arrival.  Ambulance 235 and Rescue 231 also responded.  232 was requested as the second ambulance at the fire.  Stanhope Ladder 1 and Netcong’s FAST Team were also on scene working with Byram Fire units.  No injuries were reported on scene.

October 2, 2010 – Lakeland EMS was in Branchville for the Sussex County Inspection Parade / Branchville Fire Department 100th Anniversary Parade.  Rescue 231 and Rehab 241 participated in the parade and Ambulance 234 spent the day assist Blue Ridge Rescue Squad with coverage.  Congratulations to Branchville FD on 100 years of service!!

October 1, 2010 – The new month began with a bang as 43 Rescue responded to 4 back-to-back MVCs.  Shortly before 04:30 as a heavy rain storm rolled through the area, Lakeland was dispatched to Interstate Route 80 Eastbound in Byram Township for a MVC with injuries.  Ambulances 232, 235, and Rescue 231 responded and met NJSP on scene with one patient who subsequently signed-off.  As units were about to exit the roadway, reports came in of another accident in Allamuchy Township just West of the previous crash.  The three units responded and again met NJSP Troopers who advised no injuries.  232 and 231 stood-by on scene until the tow arrived.  The third accident was dispatched in Allamuchy Township just East of the second accident as the tow was loading the second vehicle.  232 and 231 obtained another refusal at the third accident.  Just as the units had arrived back in quarters, Sparta Dispatch toned out Lakeland and Byram Fire Department for a MVC with injuries on Waterloo Road.  Ambulance 232 and Rescue 231 responded to find a two vehicle head-on collison.  Ambulance 232 requested a second BLS and a medic unit to the scene.  232 transported their patient to HRMC; Medic 56 was canceled due to location.  230 arrived and assessed the second patient who was also taken to HRMC.  Lakeland also handled a fifth MVC later in the afternoon.

September 28, 2010 – At 10:40, 43 Rescue was requested for one BLS and the rehab for mutual aid into Hampton Township to assist Hampton EMS at the scene of a working condo fire in Hampton Commons.  Rescue 231 and Ambulance 234 responded to meet 48-51.  Lafayette EMS 1 also arrived on scene and stood-by.  Lakeland crews setup a rehab station for the fire crews working on scene.

July 18, 2010 – Lakeland EMS was dispatched for a wilderness rescue in the Allamuchy Mountain State Park accessed off of Cranberry Ledge. Ambulance 235 and Rescue 231 responded and met patrols to continue searching for the group of mountain bikers. The BLS crew located the bikers at the top of a ridge; one of the bikes had slipped off a rock injuring the rider. Due to the near-vertical terrain and adverse conditions, NJSP TEAMS helicopter was requested by Lakeland EMS for an air evacuation of the patient to a landing zone in town. The patient was packaged and air lifted out to meet 43-232 and BTFD at Byram Lakes School; 232 subsequently transported the injured rider to Morristown ER for treatment.  Thanks to Sparta Ambulance 4191 for handling another job at Tomahawk Lake while the Lakeland units were tied up.

Above, the view from atop the mountain.

The rock cliff on the way down.

Prepping for the hoist.

Patient on the way up with an NJSP Trooper.

NJSP TEAMS helicopter overhead hoisting up the patient.

NJSP TEAMS making the drop at the LZ for ground transport.

NJSP TEAMS making the drop at the LZ for ground transport.

July 16, 2010 – Lakeland EMS was requested for one BLS and rehab mutual aid into Panther Valley, Allamuchy Township for a gas leak.  95 Rescue and 91 Fire were operating at a large residential gas leak.  Hackettstown Rescue Squad 78-53 was also on scene, but released for their own calls upon the arrival of BLS 234 and Rescue 231.  Units were released by 91-60 after the leak was capped off and the impacted homes were ventilated.

July 2, 2010 – Station 43 Rescue responded to a rehab assignment in the early hours of the morning to assist Hopatcong EMS at a residential structure fire. Rescue 231 was on scene for approximately two hours with HAS 231 and HAS 232. While the Rescue was out of town, the Byram Crew handled another medical call.

June 7, 2010 – Station 43 Rescue and 22 Fire were requested for a MVC at Route 206 and Route 517 in the Borough.  Units arrived to find the roadway completely blocked by a FedEx truck versus flatbed.  The flatbed had rolled into the intersection unoccupied.  Ambulance 234 responded and subsequently cleared after taking a refusal on the FedEx driver.

May 22-23, 2010 – The last “unofficial” weekend before the summer season kicks off proved to be a busy one for Lakeland EMS.  On Saturday, Ambulance 232 and Rescue 231 headed out early for judging in the Netcong Fire Dept. 105th Anniversary Parade.  Ambulances 230 and 235 were assigned for town call coverage and Ambulance 234 was assisting along the parade route.  After judging and prior to the parade kick-off, 232 handled a Stanhope MVC.  230 was later assigned a job in Byram, and 235 covered another Stanhope call while the parade was going on.  After the parade, 230, 231, 232, and 234 headed to Andover Township Day.  The event was a huge success and the night ended with a great fireworks show.  During the event, 232 and 234 handled a possible cardiac arrest call and 234 took another mutual aid job later that night.  While Sunday morning and afternoon turned out a normal call volume, shortly after the night crews came on duty the ambulances were assigned to three separate jobs.  235 handled a possible CVA call in Byram, 234 was also on a CVA job in Andover which turned into a fly (see photo below), and Ambulance 230 took a mental health transport from Andover Township.  The Andover duty crew subsequently handled 2 more calls in the next few hours that evening.  The weekend ended up with about 15 assignments for the Squad.

May 8, 2010 – Shortly after the Saturday night crew began their tour, Lakeland EMS and Byram Township Fire Department were toned out for a motor vehicle crash with entrapment on Route 206 at North Shore Road.  Updates from Sparta Dispatch advised on no entrapment and only two patients.  Ambulance 234 and Rescue 231 were the first arriving EMS units with BTFD and found a three car accident with confirmed entrapment in one of the vehicles and four patients.  Ambulance 230 was also responding at this time and a request was made for a third BLS unit; 43-232 responded for the fourth patient.  Medic 53 was also on scene for the entrapped patient.  An SUV rear-ended a mini-van, pushing the van into the southbound lane of travel and into the path of an oncoming Ford pick-up with horse trailer.  Lakeland EMS and Medic 53 transported three patients and took one refusal at the scene.  The busy day continued with three more calls before mid-night.

May 8, 2010 – During the late afternoon hours of a day of wild weather around Sussex County, 43 Rescue and 32 Fire were requested to respond to Lake Aeroflex for a man in the water screaming for help.  Ambulance 234 marked up shortly after dispatch and met ATPD on scene; the victim was found clinging to his overturned kayak in the middle of the lake after a strong wind tipped the sail-equipped vessel over.  ATFD units arrived with Boat 32-78 and quickly accessed the patient with LES Sgt. M. Cady on board also.  The patient was brought to shore along with his kayak and subsequently signed off post-care.  Below, ATFD Boat 32-78 brings the patient to the shore of Lake Aeroflex as LES Chief D. Reidmiller looks on.

February 23, 2010 – In the midst of an evening snow storm, Sparta Township Communications dispatched 43 Rescue and 43 Fire to a MVC rollover with entrapment. Ambulance 235 was in service just after dispatch and met BTFD apparatus on scene as well.  Rescue 231 and Ambulance 230 also responded.  A passenger car was found on its side after sliding down a driveway and overturning down an embankment landing on the driver’s side next to a hot tub.  There were no injuries on scene and units stood-by until the tow company cleared.

February 17, 2010 – Shortly after 14:00, 43 Rescue and 22 Fire were assigned for a MVC involving a school bus. Ambulance 230 and Engine 2262 arrived on scene to find a full-size First Student bus off the roadway and up an embankment. The driver was the only occupant of the bus and had self-extricated. Ambulance 235 also responded and units stood-by on scene until the bus was removed from the precarious position it ended up in.

February 07, 2010 – At 05:20, Lakeland EMS and Andover Township Fire Department were alerted for a rollover with entrapment on Route 517 near Potter Avenue in the Lake Lenape Section of town. LES 230 was returning from a mutual aid call in Newton and responded immediately. Upon arrival, the BLS crew was met with a vehicle resting on its passenger side at the top of an embankment. The crew immediately secured the vehicle with rope to the guardrail and cribbing. In order to confirm the number of injuries due to foggy windows they cut away the windshield to reveal a single occupant hanging upside-down from her seatbelt. Rescue 231 and Station 32 Fire units arrived a short time later. The patient was transported BLS to Newton Memorial Hospital after being removed from the vehicle and evaluated by St. Clare’s Medic 53.