For those interested in volunteering for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) on the Lakeland Emergency Squad, we are looking for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) and Drivers. In order to become a driver with the Lakeland Emergency Squad, new members will be given a CPR course and will be given a Certified Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO) course. Courses generally run throughout the year, and the new member must pass a written test and practical at the end of the EMT course.  All courses are free of charge to the member. The Lakeland Emergency Squad schedules duty crews Sunday through Friday from 6:00pm-5:00am; however, you may also join as a daytime member with no evening duty crew requirements. Squad members will be scheduled to cover a particular night or make up the same amount of time during the weekdays. Members do not need to stay at the buildings during assigned duty crew times and usually respond from their homes. Aside from duty crew commitments, members also attend one monthly business meeting held the first Tuesday of each month and one drill held the third Tuesday of each month. The Squad also participates in several local events to provide EMS support to the community. The Lakeland Emergency Squad is always looking for new members and those who are interested are encouraged to download a membership form and send it in. Also if you have any questions feel free to stop by on the first (8PM) or third (7:30PM) Tuesday of each month at our Byram Building, 221 Route 206. You may also  contact us with questions or to schedule a better time.