Why Volunteer?

Getting started on a path to medicine, paramedicine, or public safety has never been easier. Even if you have a current career path far from the medical field EMS provides an opportunity to engage with the community in a way that will leave you with a lifetime of experience. The experience that comes with EMS builds character, discipline, and a sense of community. Our high paced environment requires multi-dimensional decision making, communication, and coordination of an array of resources. The training goes far beyond the ambulance.

Volunteer membership also has its benefits! All members may receive:

  1. 22% Verizon Wireless discount
  2. Access to Firstnet cellular service (via AT&T) $40/month unlimited talk, text, data, no contract, available only to volunteers of public safety.
  3. EMS discounts at participating stores
  4. Behind the scenes access to special events, concerts, festivals, and much more.
  5. All-expense paid EMT/CPR certification